Three things to do if the markets have you spooked

Do the markets have you spooked? Jennifer Foster, Investor Coach at SmartPlan Investing says, "There are more than just ghosts and goblins that are spooking investors this October."  While no one can predict market ups and downs with 100% accuracy, October has historically seen more volatility than other months, this is known as the October Ef...

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Which College Saving Plan is Right for You?

When you are planning your financial future, it is not only important to know "what" to plan for but "how" to plan for the "what." Let me explain. For paying off debt and meeting your expenses, you budget based on your expected income. For the unexpected, you put money away in a savings account. For short-term goals like buying a house, you might p...

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2 Reasons Paying Down Your Mortgage Early May Be a Mistake

If you are a huge fan of Dave Ramsey you know he's all about getting out of debt as soon as possible. Dave has some great advice, but it is not one size fits all. There are real PROS and CONS to paying off your mortgage early, so it's important to think it through and talk with a qualified professional. Some of the benefits of paying off or paying ...

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How She Learned: Women and Girls Empower Others With True Stories About Finances If you’re the kind of person who likes to see pictures with the recipes in a cookbook, then you will appreciate this collection of true stories, with pictures, about practical financial lessons. Be entertained and inspired by the writing of 23 girls and women sharing their authentic and witty insight about a variety of useful topics related to money. Whether read on a beach, used as a conversation starter with family and friends or discussed at a book club, this book is designed to empower you with financial knowledge and put a smile on your face.
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