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Meet Jennifer Foster, Jennifer is a Wealth Coach with SmartPlan Investing, a Registered Investment Advisory firm. She began her career back in 2003. Her passion is to help families achieve financial success. But don't let her professional demeanor fool you, this lady knows how to have fun too!

While Jennifer's recognized for her work with women, her aim is to empower the whole family. She's on a mission to change the perception that investing is a man's responsibility. Jennifer believes that this destructive mindset can hold women back from achieving their financial goals.

So, she's got her sleeves rolled up, ready to teach everyone the basics of investing, in a way that's fun and easy to understand. She's here to prove that investing isn't too hard or confusing for you to navigate.

While her main passion is working with women, the fellas out there can rest easy knowing that Jennifer's got them covered too. With Jennifer on your team, you'll be investing like a pro in no time! So, let's get started on your financial journey.

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Who is SmartPlan?

Jennifer Foster is a Wealth Coach with SmartPlan Investing a Registered Investment Advisory firm with offices in Jupiter, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. SmartPlan Investing provides investing solutions in a smart and simple way; as well as, an investor coaching experience. SmartPlan’s investing approach is built on award-winning academic principles, not on forecasts or predictions about the future. SmartPlan is also known as a Fiduciary and always acts in the best interest of the client. SmartPlan has served Dave Ramsey’s listeners for several years and their sister company Wiley CPA has served as an Endorsed Local Provider for Ramsey for over 10 years. The Investor Coaching Experience is designed to empower you and your family to live your life on purpose while investing to secure your future.  

Jennifer and her team recognize that financial decisions are often based on emotions and that can be destructive when it comes to the success of your investing journey. Their goal is to provide a transformation around money and investing from something often thought as a transaction to an awesome engaging experience. Their coaching program allows you to discover the common investing pitfalls and how to avoid them, so you have an opportunity to experience freedom and fulfillment. The investing method the firm utilizes is based on over 50 years of accepted financial research and has been implemented and proven with real clients since 1992, and backed by award-winning economic principles.

Her commitments

  • qxif-chevron-rightTo transform your investing experience through coaching.
  • qxif-chevron-rightTo protect you from speculation and gambling.
  • qxif-chevron-rightTo help you identify the common destructive investing pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • qxif-chevron-rightTo empower you to discover your TRUE purpose for money and allow you to realize your dreams.
  • qxif-chevron-rightTo align your purpose with your spending, saving, investing and giving decisions in a new and powerful way, so that you can achieve more with your money.

Fun Facts about Jennifer

  • qxif-check-squareBurger King was her first and second job.
  • qxif-check-squareShe had a car before she received her driver’s license.
  • qxif-check-squareGrowing up she wanted to be a star.
  • qxif-check-squareShe had a corn kernel stuck in her ear for 8 years, no one believed her.
  • qxif-check-squareShe took three years of Sign Language in High School.
  • qxif-check-squareShe had an entrepreneurial heart at a young age, which she’d get in trouble for often.
  • qxif-check-squareShe was born and raised in Jupiter Florida, but has also live in Miami, Salt Lake City and Vegas for a short time.
  • qxif-check-squareShe took Shakespeare acting classes in Middle and High School.
  • qxif-check-squareShe was once a flower in her elementary school play and a tree in A Midsummer's Night Dream.


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